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After experiencing the selling of my first home, I've had the good fortune and opportunity of acquiring a great understanding and appreciation of one of North America's most vibrant real estate markets. My love for my city coupled with my passion for my profession make my job all the more satisfying. My aim to make my clients' real estate experiences and return on investment as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

I have had the extreme privilege in doing business here in Canada for the better part of 25+ years now. Having immigrated in the early 70’s from South Korea and being the son of immigrant parents, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of hard work and not taking anything for granted. As a Korean-Canadian immigrant, I’ve studied and worked hard to utilize my education and business background. I am proud to say that I am still bilingual after all these years.

I have been in the customer service industry from middle-school to grad school. My life credo is to never stop learning. My background in education empowers all of my clients so that they become informed and savvy investors. Through the process of every transaction in Real Estate, I’ve learned that there are multiple bottom lines in this great industry.

I’ve had the great privilege and pleasure to give back to those less fortunate in multiple homeless initiatives. As of late and over the past several years, I serve on the Board or Directors of a local non-profit group helping those that land in our great country with nothing but hope and the wish to be given a chance to succeed. 

I have built a solid referral network from coast to coast and have taken pride in the lasting relationships that I've developed with my clients here and around the world.

The foundation of my business two-fold. Service and Dedication. Whether it's a market assessment or marketing campaign; an open house or an afternoon of showings; my goal is to exceed your expectations while living and working by the Golden Rule. I serve and help others as I would myself. 

"My Clients best interest is my primary concern; and their referrals are the fuel in my Market Engine"

My commitment to all my clients is to provide dedicated professional and personal service in all aspects of helping them buy or sell their home. A meeting is better than a phone call; a phone call is better than an email. Teamwork, experience, effectual marketing plans, strategies and negotiating power equals getting what you deserve. The best and nothing less.

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